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Questions about Piercing

• Is everything sterile?
• When can I remove or change the jewellery?
• How long can the jewellery be out before it closes?
• There is raised skin around my piercing. What is it?
• What is an infection?
• How can I tell if I have an infection?
• I think I have an infection. What should I do?
• How long should I wait before I stretch my piercing?
• What type of jewelry do you use?
• How big can I start with?

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What type of jewelry do you use?

We use implant grade materials. These include but are not limited to Surgical Stainless Steel (316LVM ASTM F-138), Surgical Implant Titanium (ASTM Ti6A4V F-136), Niobium, and 14/18K solid white or yellow gold.

Depending on the piercing, we use captive bead rings, barbells, curved barbells, circular barbells, and plugs and earlets.

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