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Questions about Piercing

• Is everything sterile?
• When can I remove or change the jewellery?
• How long can the jewellery be out before it closes?
• There is raised skin around my piercing. What is it?
• What is an infection?
• How can I tell if I have an infection?
• I think I have an infection. What should I do?
• How long should I wait before I stretch my piercing?
• What type of jewelry do you use?
• How big can I start with?

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When can I remove or change the jewellery?

Your piercing will not be completely healed for several years. Even after the piercing has healed, reinsertion can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Jewellery should not be changed during the initial healing period, usually 6-12 months. Always wear appropriate jewellery for your piercings, even when fully healed. Jewellery designed just for earlobes is never appropriate, and can damage your piercing. If you must remove the jewellery temporarily, call your piercer for advice or make an appointment to have them remove it for you. If you don't want the piercing you can permanently remove the jewellery, in most cases only a small indentation will remain.

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