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Richard Frueh

Professional Piercer for Industrial Primitives

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The Association of Professional Piercers - Business Member The Association of Professional Piercers - Educational Conference - Customer Service & Marketing, Jewelry Standards, Jewelry Size & Style, Piercing Technique, Genital Piercing Technique National Safety Council - First Aid Institute - Bloodborne Pathogens Course
The Association of Professional Piercers - Educational Conference Certification - Equipment Management, Tray set up & Documentation, Grounding & Bedside Manner, Anthropology & Urban Legend, Aseptic Technique, Tissue prep & Stretching, Anatomy #1, Anatomy #2   Alliance of Professional Tattooists - Associate Member
The Alliance of Professional Tattooists - Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing Red Cross - Adult CPR and First Aid The Rings and Things Body Piercing Course - Technique and Theory of Body Piercing
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